Medium voltage, Low voltage, Lighting and fiber optic lines

Network construction in Karim Abad area



This project performed in order to reform and rebuild the old Kaim Abad network which placed in Zahedan. The project include of  removing a length of 2km LV and MV network and replacing with 50 km of medium voltage and 18 km of LV network. In addition, 44 pole mounted transformer, power meter and joint service cable were installed in panels. Finally, in order to complete the project, 500 set lighting were completely energized in Karim Abad.

 Khalije Fars Lighting system




This project involved the construction of the lighting system from Dr.Hesabi square to Khash police station over 8.5 km of Zahedan- Khash highway.

Sistan – Balouchestan department of transportation with Sepehr Azarakh Sanat consulting Co. were the employers of this project.

 Project in Industrial Estate



Mashhad Electrical Energy Distribution Co. defined this project to construct 20 KV distribution line , approximately 3 Km long, in order to adjustment of Nazerieh substation in Mashhad Industrial Estate.

In this regard, Peyman Khotoot Shargh Co. supplied the following measures:

Delivery route, foundation and fitting installation of MV system, wiring, gound system installation, the surplus soil moving operation